June 28, 2022


Located in Washington State north of Seattle

We have three adorable kittens from Elka and Ray available. Please check out Elka's and Lola's pages.  Contact me set an appointment to select your kitten from the litter.  Elka's are ready to go home.  Please text me at 206-650-5581 for questions and pricing.  

We are offering free babysitting for one week to cover families with vacation plans.

Lola gave birth to two huge babies and all are doing great.  There is one seal bicolor female and one blue bicolor female.  


Bianka gave birth to five kittens on 6/26/2022.  There are three boys and two girls.   We can expect pure white, lynx, mitted blue and seal bicolor.   Please email me at emeraldrags@gmail.com is you would like to place a deposit on a future kitten.


We are a small home cattery located 30 miles north of Seattle.  Our cats live with us as pets and we have limited number of litters per year.